Online Maps Zwift Worlds

Online Maps Zwift Worlds

Sometimes, the app itself isn’t enough.

If you want a live map, with your friends on it, go to ZwiftGPS

  • Login with your ZwiftID
  • See the folks you follow on the Map. They are color coded by “effort zone”
  • This is great to find folks who are outside the normal view parameters of the basic map in the Zwift Mobile Companion.

If you want a map of the world itself, without participants: 

  • https://api.zwifthacks.com/zwiftmap/app/world (shows the current world)
  • Watopia – https://api.zwifthacks.com/zwiftmap/app/world/1
  • Richmond – https://api.zwifthacks.com/zwiftmap/app/world/2
  • London – https://api.zwifthacks.com/zwiftmap/app/world/3
  • ^^ THIS ^^ is thanks to zwifthacks.com

If you want to see maps of specific routes / courses within a world… look no further than ZwiftInsider as they do it really well.

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