ZwiftPower – Your Zwift Racing Resource

ZwiftPower – Your Zwift Racing Resource

ZwiftPower.com is the unofficial race data resource for all things Zwift.


If you are active on Zwift, and in the Zwift races — which we recommend! — then you absolutely need to create an account on ZwiftPower.com. It takes less than two minutes, allows you to connect your performances to Team Endurance Nation, and oh so much more.

ZwiftPower Profile Screen
Coach P’s last 7 races.

Now you will be able to view your race results almost as soon as you stop peddling. You will see your placement as well as how your performance compare to your peers. The website recommends changing categories when necessary and creates a rolling archive of every race you’ve ever done.

ZwiftPower Race Results
ZwiftPower Race Results Example

This will not only incentivize you to do better, but show you how you stack up against the competition. You will be able to identify other people to follow/watch out for in your races. And if you’re super Duper lucky, you might even earn a trophy!!!

What are you waiting for? Register for ZwiftPower.com today!

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